Automatic loading of prices,
quotas and vouchers
Transfers and excursions
Connection via Master-tour
If your company works with Master-tour program complex, you can connect to 3t platform via MIS module
and continue to work in the familiar interface
Free connection.
Pay only for MIS module
To integrate 3t with Master-tour complex you need a special MIS module. Usually the MIS module is already included in your Master-tour package. If you do not have this module, contact Megatec with a request for installation. The initial connection is quite complicated and requires the participation of a system administrator. Further work is carried out by standard tools of Master-tour and does not require special skills.
How to connect via Master-tour
Register in 3t system
After registration you will receive an email with an agreement on cooperation,
login and password to connect.
Install MIS module
(if you haven’t installed it yet)
Contact Megatec with a request for installation of MIS module and Terma adapters. Install the module in your Master-tour.
Configure MIS module
Initial setup includes setting directions for prices,
quotas and vouchers.
Also you need to set the rules
on automatic synchronization.
Synchronize directories
Directories of countries, cities, hotels, food types, rooms, accommodation, etc. Synchronization is carried out manually once before starting work.
Download prices, quotas, vouchers and availability of rooms
You can set the automatic download by time or when the program starts. Set the rules for sending, status change and cancellation of vouchers.
Create packages
Create packages, set a commission and publish packages using Master-tour standard tools.
Updates and new SPO
When new resorts and hotels are connected to 3t, you get a notification. In this case, you need to synchronize directories, download prices and quotas for new directions and set up automatic loading.

Make a profit!
Register easily
and tomorrow you will be able to set up access to the 3t system in your Master Tour
and start making money on spa tourism

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